Yeezy season 6 got even more interesting

Only if you live under a rock you might have missed something interesting happening in Hollywood. People are reporting on seeing famous starlet Kim Kardashian all over town rocking newest season of her beloved husbands brand. That would not be so strange if the reports were not numerous and some even reported seeing 2 Kims at the same time!

Yeezy has found a new way, one extremely interesting to promote his brand. We all know Kanye Wests biggest inspiration, in his own words, is his sexy wife Kim Kardashian West, she has famously DEBUTED his season 6 line which i have covered here and served some iconic looks. Things got extremely interesting few days ago with Yeezys new campaign – now famously known as #KimClones.

Various Instagram celebs AKA Insta Models have posed like Kim did, dressed exactly like her, same makeup and same platinum hairstyle!Surprises did not end with Kims famous clones, what got people really talking is one very unexpected clone – no less than once famous Kardashian nemesis, heiress Paris Hilton! Kim and Paris have long, long history together and some poisonous darts are thrown at each other, despite them  actually coming to terms and becoming friends again like their  families always have been, attending same family events like Kris Jenners famous Christmas Parties, no one really expected to see Paris Hilton who claimed she made Kim Kardashian actually dress up as Kim Kardashian! Kim did shout out her frenemy by calling her ”OG” translated to ”Original” for you less urban folks. Did Kim this way give credit to Paris for ”creating” her or… we might need to stop here, who will know what goes through their Hollywood minds at this point, or ever?


Paris was the biggest surprise but not only, Kylie Jenner’s old frenemy Sarah Snyder was also included in the campaign.

Kanye stayed true to his all body types inclusion, so we had a chance to see the girls of all body types channel their inner Kim Kardashian in Yeezy season 6 clothes.



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