Winter Dress

One of the things every girl already probably has in her closet is a winter dress, if nothing then she keeps it for some special occasions such as for example Thanks Giving or Christmas when she has to look formal enough yet comfy.

A question many have regarding winter dresses is how to wear them and look the way you want to look yet stay comfortable and warm.

In this article, i will present you some of the styles and ways you can wear your dresses, and the rest is up to you.

  1. Long and Ribbed

This style of winter dress is very versatile so it guarantees you can wear it in more than one way, and it is quite trendy for the season as the ribbed clothes, in general, have made a huge return on the scene. Whether you pick the dress that is form-hugging or the super wide ones, be assured you can not do wrong with long ribbed dress.

2. Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are perfect for occasions when you need to look business casual. Picking ones made of soft wooly materials will keep you nice and warm, and pastel colors such as one in the picture above will give you the chick appearance. You can experiment with colors but if you need to play it safe, go for the pastels.

3. Princess cut

Just because it is winter you do not have to give up on your princess cut dresses, actually winter princess cut dresses are simply amazing for the times when you want to look elegant, chic and feminine. Princess cut dress such as one above are perfect, they round up all the trends for the season in a completely new, fresh style and can be amazing for the seasons festive time.

4. Linen dress

When you feel like switching up material and shape for a moment, you can switch from nice and cozy wool to refined linen shirt dresses, thing is to layer the look as much as you can so you can be warm and stylish at the same time.






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