Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Daily?

Lemon water is one of the best internal cleansers that you can come across. It is ridiculously simple to prepare, costs you next to nothing and is surprisingly effective. Starting your day with a glass of lemon water can prove to be extremely beneficial. It can be consumed with warm water, hot water or even water at room temperature. It is best not to consume it with chilled water.

It is extremely easy to prepare. Just grab a lemon and squeeze it into a glass. Remove the seeds from it. Pour water into the glass, and start drinking. It is as simple as that. No fancy measurements or additions. It is best to use real lemon juice, and not lemon juice concentrates.


Here are some of the benefits of lemon water:

Benefit #1 – Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning helps in prevention of digestive problems such as heartburn, intestinal gas and bloating. It also, in general, stimulates better digestion.

Benefit #2 – Lemon water is a good source of vitamin C, and drinking it first thing in the morning fulfills your daily need of vitamin C. It is also a good source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Benefit #3 – There are many claims of lemon water assisting in fat burning. If you are looking to lose those extra kilos, lemon water will definitely assist you in doing so. It is to be noted that lemon water is not going to miraculously make you lose weight. You have got to mix it up with the right kind of food and exercises. But, the citric acid in lemon will definitely assist in fat burning. Also the presence of fiber called pectin makes you feel full longer. This will help you in munching on junk between meals.

Benefit #4 – Lemon is high on citric acid, but its effect depends on how it is metabolized in our body. Lemon is metabolized during digestion in a way that its high mineral content results in an alkalizing effect on the body.

Benefit #5 – Lemon is great for your skin. It is widely used for detoxification. It results in healthy looking and clearer skin. High vitamin C content plays a role, but lemon’s antioxidant, antibiotic, detoxifying and cleansing properties play a much bigger role in improving your skin.

Benefit #6 – Drinking lemon water improves the overall health of your liver. It helps in production of bile and aids in fat digestion. This greatly helps if you are planning on a big breakfast or had a heavy meal the previous night.

Benefit #7 – Lemon water greatly assists in decreasing phlegm and mucus production. If you drink a lot of cow’s milk, then drinking lemon water in the morning help in bringing down the mucus levels in the body.

Benefit #8 – The antiseptics that lemons are, they greatly help in cleaning kidneys, liver and blood. The functioning of the liver has a direct effect on the how one feels, even if it is unknowingly. Hence, drinking lemon water in the morning has a direct positive effect on the energy during the day.

So now you know the great benefits of lemon water below is short video on how to prepare tasty lemon water!


How To Prepare Lemon Water


Photo Credits: Robinskey

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