Why Every Woman Should Travel Alone At Least Once…

Everyone, especially women, should at least travel solo once in their lifetime. There are many reasons for it, but first let’s look at the most common and probably the most exciting reason of them all.

Most Common and Exciting Reason of Them All

There are a lot of people all around us complaining that they haven’t yet figured out who they truly are and what they truly want from life. You might be one of them too or you might be one of those lucky ones who has already embarked on this path.

The problem is everybody wants to change their lives and discover their true self, but they do very little about it. There isn’t a sure shot way to discovering yourself, but there is one that pretty much guarantees success. That is getting on a plane and taking a solo vacation.

Yup, solo travel is a great way to discover oneself. Internet is full of stories of people who took that solo trip and their life has never been the same since. The life-changing power of travelling solo is very hard to explain or understand. It is best to experience it.

So, does solo travel change your life completely? Well, we wouldn’t go as far as to say that the moment you take a solo trip, you will become a whole new person. No, that is not what we are saying. What we are saying is that your solo travel experiences will definitely change you in some way. The more you travel, the more you evolve. It’s a gradual process, and some day when you look back, you will see that your solo travel played a big role in changing your perceptions and your life as a whole.

The above argument for traveling solo sounds a lot philosophical and spiritual, but not very convincing, right? Don’t worry. If you are not one to believe or looking for spiritual or philosophical enlightenment, solo travel still does have great benefits. We have compiled some very practical and compelling reasons to encourage you to travel solo at least once in your life:

Boosts Confidence

Confidence is one of the most crucial attributes one must possess to succeed in today’s life and there are very few things that can build your confidence the way solo travelling does. When you have conquered your fear and solved problems that you once thought were terrible, you will automatically be a more confident person. It’s great to have people around you to rely on in tough situations, but it is even better when all you have is yourself. When you are traveling solo, you do everything yourself that you probably wouldn’t be doing if you were in a group. This can range from ordering a meal from a foreign menu to hailing a taxi to booking your flight tickets and making next day’s plan. You have nothing to do but tackle the situation head on and find a solution. Solo travel presents you with such situations on a daily basis. The more challenges you tackle, the more confident you become. This confidence translates into your everyday life too. The next time when you face a tough challenge in your life, all you have to do is look back at the many challenges you faced travelling alone and it puts your problems in perspective. With a new perspective on your problems, you will be able to see your problems for what they truly are: a small hurdle in the path to success. This gives immense confidence to take any problems that life throws at you.

Absolute Freedom

What is the one thing that you dread the most when you travel in a group? For most it is the fact that you have to, at times, do stuff that your friends want to do but you have no liking towards it. You might have to go a museum because your friends or companion wants to or you might have to skip going to a museum because they do not want to. Basically, you will have to compromise on some of the stuff you might want to do. When you travel alone, you completely live by your rules. You do what you absolutely want to do, even if it is just lying in your hotel bed for the whole day. You decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. There is no explaining or justification needed. Wake up at noon if you want to or wake up at 6 and go for an early morning jog. It is only when you travel alone that you are completely free and not beholden to anyone. Trust us; this will be among the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Neale Donald Walsch once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” It is absolutely true. It is easy to stick to a routine. It is easy to stay with the familiar. It is even easier to not take any risks in life. But guess what? There is very little opportunity for growth when you don’t challenge yourself and take risks. Everything that helps you grow and have new experiences is outside of your comfort zone. Traveling solo helps you go out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Every time you get out of your comfort zone, your comfort zone gets bigger. You will feel at ease and comfortable with things and circumstances you once thought were outside of your comfort zone.


When you travel, one thing is for sure. Not everything goes according to your plan. There are things that you absolutely can’t control and they are bound to go south every now and then. Your flight might get cancelled, your hotel reservations might not be confirmed, and many more. When on a solo trip, there is no other option for you but to adapt. You will learn to make things work even though they are not according to your plan. You will learn to adapt and get on with things. You will stop cribbing about small things and develop an attitude of “So What?” Well, this comes very handy when things do not go according to plan when you are back home.

Absolute Pay off in the Long Run

Traveling solo costs you money and time upfront, but not for a moment think that the experiences are the only thing you will get out of your solo travels. Solo travel can in fact help you make money in the long run. The learning and benefits of solo travel more often than not translates into success in your career and in turn a pay rise. The exposure you get with meeting and interacting with new people increases your people skills and your networking opportunities. The confidence you gain travelling solo also carries forward to your professional life. In fact, your solo travel experiences can go right on your resume as most employers see it as an attribute, and hence opening up new opportunities for you.

Make New Friends and Experience New Cultures

There is very little chance of meeting new people and making new friends when you travel with your own friends or acquaintances. You are comfortable with your group and engage very little with other travelers and the local culture. You tend to rely on the people you already know. This is not the case when it comes to travel. When you are on a solo trip, there are opportunities everywhere to make new friends and experience local culture. The people you meet on your solo trips, in most cases fellow travelers, help you stretch your mindset, ideas, and boundaries. They help you understand the world better in a way. And guess what, you have new friends.

Here are some more reasons why you should travel solo:

  • Teaches you budgeting
  • Makes you happy
  • Move on from setbacks and disappointments
  • Learn more about yourself (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Appreciate little things
  • Discover kindness in strangers
  • See the world
  • Expand your soul
  • Live in the present
  • Trust your intuition

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Photo Credits: Life Hack, Imgur, Odyssey, Intrepid Travel, The Huffington Post

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