What To Wear On Valentines Day?

The day of love has come. We bought gift’s for out Valentines and now it is time to go on a romantic date with them, to enjoy the company of our loved ones. For us girls, this is one of those special holidays when we can shine in our sexiest dresses without holding back! It is important to mention that what is underneath also counts, so we will mention that as well.


The red color is color of love, so they say. Obviously, for the day that celebrates love, i will recommend you to wear this color as will anyone next. The red color in color psychology is said to energize, and you will need energy just like your partner will, one look on you and you will boost his energy levels if you show up in anything red. It is also associated with passion and on this day we expect plenty of that.


In line with the theme of romance, I must recommend eternal romantic piece of fabric, LACE. When it comes to fashion it is a huge trend for a couple of seasons now so you will not have trouble finding a dress, shirt or even jeans embellished with it.


The leather is another piece of fabric many of us should reach on this day when we not only celebrate love but also physical contact between two people in love. The leather is sexy, powerful and playful material, quite trendy this winter so items made of it should be easy to find. Colors i would recommend first are obviously red as mentioned before and black, but for a daytime dates pastel color leather will look like a billion dollars.

When it comes to accessories i like the trend that is going to be huge the season ahead of us, and it is putting the accent on the head, hair accessories. Men have confessed their love for female hair in ages, and we know therefore that putting something pretty in our hair will certainly catch their attention. Valentine’s day is all about pleasing the partner, showing the love that way, after all.


All mentioned above, the red color, lace, leather and even hair accessories should be applied on things we wear underneath our clothes. It is a day for expressing all kinds of love after all, is it not.


It is February after all so in some parts of the world winter is in its full force, worth mentioning is outwear which is an essential part of our winter style. Keep up following the trends which i mentioned in previous posts, such as fur jackets and coats, elegant puffer jackets… We want to stay elegant and sexy but be warm also!

Footwear is also important to mention, obviously because we have to wear something on our feet (unless you are having a date at home) but also because we know men tend to pay attention to footwear also quite much. As said above it is day to please our lovers and if they like seeing nice shoes on their girlfriends and wifes, who are we to object? Now what to pick? Knee high boots, materials such as velvet and leather, colors following the scheme of mentioned above. Pumps and Wedges. So many elegant and sexy options.



And finally, i would like to contribute to your playlist. This whole morning i am in Valentine’s mood and was thinking of which songs to listen. I’ll just leave this youtube here



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