What To Wear On Lazy Days

No matter of your work status, that is whether you work 9 to 5 or you are unemployed or a freelancer that has no defined work hours, every once and a while you probably allow yourself a lazy day or two – that is the day when you refuse to get out of your comfy clothes, refuse to put any makeup on and let your hair be dirty because you hope no one will get to see it.

A lazy day is good for your body and your mind, both of them need relaxation and pampering. You pamper your mind with a good book, a tv show marathon, maybe a long bath and a glass of wine; you pamper your body by taking care of its needs for hydration and in general cleaning and whatever your body needs at the moment, but you also pamper your body by allowing it comfort of the clothes you dress up in.


What do you wear to make your body feel pampered, comfortable and to relax in?


  1. Robe

Well maybe you did not expect us to put it in the first place, but yes, robes come in handy when you have lazy days and you just don’t feel like changing from your sleepwear to anything else yet you would like to look presentable just in case anyone comes by and its always nice to look nice for the sake of your soul.


2. Sweater Dress

For the season we are in sweater dresses are perfect little loungewear in which you will be comfortable, warm and you can go outside in it if that is needed.


3. Onesies/jumpsuits

Onesies have become kind of a norm for all lazy day lovers, they offer comfort and come in a bunch of interesting designs, from minimalistic chic to… well, you can dress up like a farm animal or a cartoon character, whatever makes you happy and comfortable.


4. Sweats

Ok, this one was expected. Obviously, clothes that are known as most comfortable will be probably the most used option for the days when comfort is all.


5. Cardigans

If you need something comfortable that you can mix and match with almost anything, cardigans are the best option. You can use it as outwear when you go outside for a minute or two to get the fresh air or go grocery shopping or simply wear it instead of a robe.


6. Legging

Leggings are just like sweats our go-to bottoms when we want to feel comfortable so they probably do not surprise you in this article. Be sure to pick tights made of natural materials, keep the exercise ones away.


7. Comfy socks

Pick your comfiest and warmest socks, trust us they are making or breaking lazy days items.


8. Comfy slippers

And just like comfortable socks that can change everything for you, the slippers are the crucial thing for a good lazy day, especially in winter. Warm and fuzzy is our recommendation.



The days we decide to take for ourselves are more than needed, clothes you put on yourself are important for your relaxation, you want to feel easy, you want to feel comfy and in the period we are currently in the Autumn/Winter period, you want to feel warm and protected.

You have our little list now that will surely help make your lazy day planning easier, more fashionable and prettier.


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