What to Wear on a Summer Wedding

When it comes to wedding fashion summer 2018 is not disappointing let us tell you that at the very start.

Weddings are a special time not only for the bride and groom but also for all their guest fashionistas who were just waiting for a fitting occasion to showcase their styles, their best dresses, shoes and those super cute clutches they can only wear, like once or twice…at least that is the case with you She Simply staff. Summer weddings are some of the most beautiful and most popular of course, they offer us so much place for self-expression and we can dance the night away outside without having to worry about a thing.

If you are indecisive or in desperate need of inspiration as you are a guest to be on a future summer wedding, this is an article for you!

This summer go pastel and floral! Forget about the solid and strong red, green, pink, blue dresses, leave them to hang for the winter to come, forget about those heavy crystals hanging from the same, move away from a mermaid shaped dresses this moment, summer 2018 weddings are all about the fresh pastel colors and mixing with the rich nature around us. The form of the dresses should be flowy, and designers really have been giving their best in designing dresses worthy of summer weddings. Ruffle, spaghetti straps, cold shoulders, and high necks, the summer 2018 trends combined will do. The floral theme could be avoided as a print on the dress, but in that case, pick dresses that obviously are designed to resemble the shape of a flower.

For those of you that need a little bit of a structure, picking the fun structured lace dress in colors such as yellow or purple is a great deal. You get the texture that is different still quite summery and gentle and the colors that are pigmented yet feminine. When it comes to shaping od the dress our recommendation is A-line, it will keep you in place, put the accent on all the things that need to be accented and make you look statuesque. To keep the things fun you can find dresses with interestingly shaped necks or sleeves.


And now for those of you in need of a bigger challenge, this summer if you are brave enough picking fitted spaghetti strapped fringe dress is really a hit. This dresses really are for the brave women and those who keep their body on fleek. Body cone shape will hug your body at all the right places while the fringe gives it a needed movement so you look even better while dancing or gracefully walking. Fringe is a classic when it comes to evening/cocktail gowns so wearing a dress with it this summer is a big yes.

Now we have to mention few things that will complete the whole look, such as the shoes – we have to talk about them dont we. The type of shoes that will go perfectly with all the dress styles we have previously mentioned are a simple one or two strap sandals which are a total trend of 2018 when it comes to footwear in general.

When it comes to the accessories keep it simple also, the dress is the one that should make a statement, makeup up should also be subtle, it is summer after all.


We hope that we have painted you the picture of what you should wear as a guest to a summer wedding this summer 2018. Have fun.

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