What To Wear For Halloween 2018

Some people live their lives from Halloween to Halloween, they love the colorful Octobers because the end of each October brings opportunity they can become someone or something new. Are you one of those costume junkies who like the spookiest time of the year? If so you will love, love, love this She Simply article as we are dedicating couple hundred words to everyone who needs little fashionable inspiration.

What should/ could you wear on Halloween in the year 2018 that will live everyone speechless?


  1.  Uniforms

Uniforms are a good Halloween classic. Nurse, Police person, Firefighter… any occupation that has a work uniform can become your Halloween mask, to add a dose of costume fun, unbutton a shirt or don’t wear one at all, especially if you are built like Joe Manganiello we will not mind


2. A Celebrity

There are some celebrities who have made their looks so recognizable that you can actually wear them as costumes! Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson… oh and let’s not forget the amazing Christina Aguilera costume Kiley Jenner wore a few years ago! Kylies Xtina was unofficial best celebrity costume, this year we are expecting celebs to try and do better than famous reality star and beauty mogul – its hard, but we are sure our fave celebs will do their best. In the meantime, we regular shmegular people can try and dress up as Kylie, for example, all we need to do is plump our lips and look flawless.

K.J. dressed up as Xtina braked the internet


3. Comic Book Character

This is a classic for all Halloweeners, at least once in our lives almost everyone reading (and writing) this article dressed up as a comic book character (yours truly is really fond of Catwoman). Comic Book characters are actually the most popular mask’s for this holiday so it does not surprise that you can find ready to wear costumes in most stores, especially for children, we grown-ups sometimes have to put in more effort to find a costume that fits. When ”Suicide Squad” released its promo material with its famous characters Halloween got its most worn costume of the year. Harley Quinn mask is one of the most popular masks for Halloween of 2016, followed by Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman,  Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

Not a major character but a major Halloween costume

4. Furry Costumes

And we do not mean that ”costume with fur on” no, we mean to say you dress your stylish self as any cute and furry animal you can think of and you can not go wrong. A bunny, wolf or a bear, you can be your favorite furry mammal.

Warm, cute and a bit scary

5. Horror movie character

Be it a serial Killer like Michael Mayers from the movie ”Halloween” with his famous creepy mask and Jason from ”Friday The 13th” who made hockey masks look diabolic or ”things” like Freddy Cruger and It, or classics such as Chukky, Samara and Frankenstein… picking a costume that is from a Horror movie is absolutely appropriate thing for the occasion, dont forget Halloween is the spookiest time of year and you will hardly spook anyone if you dress up like Tinkerbell unless they have Fairy Phobia.



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