What celebrities wore for thanksgiving

The Hollyday season has started with Halloween for which celebrities put so much effort, from their fashion to their home decoration. Thanksgiving is the holiday celebrated in the USA most famously, although it is celebrated elsewhere, the USA knows how to market their Holidays best it seems, so no wonder that Thanksgiving in the US comes with a lot of decor and styles and noise.

Celebrities are known to love days where they can dress up nicely and pose for pretty pictures, therefore it is just natural we got a chance to see how and for what are they thankful. Most importantly for us, what they wore. I am sure pictures were taken BEFORE the dinners most of them bragged about.

Here we have a rare sight of gorgeous Diva Mariah Carey in the habitat she does not belong to. Mariah in an unusual place, a kitchen! Of course, you won’t see her dressed frumpy, she is sexy looking in a tight dress. We know this was taken before the dinner.




Miley Cyrus also celebrated her birthday as well as the national holiday. She was dressed in a casual black t-shirt with some kind of message regarding fur we are sure we would also support knowing her history of love for animals. She had nice big hoops and very natural makeup.


Angel Martha Hunt looked super city casual, she had alot to be thankful about as she just basically got off the VS runway.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Vanessa Hudgens as always looked super fashionable – this time in lovely colorful striped shirt and with a super trendy beret


Lovely model Emily Ratajkowski has spent her holiday in a ”paradise” as she herself said, and by the looks of it, we can confirm. She did not need the usual fall/winter clothes, she just needed a two-piece leopard swimmie.


Gwen Stefani celebrated in some serious fashion! Maceys Thanksgiving Parade never, ever looked this fashionable!

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