What Are Fad Diets And Should You Try Them?

In simple words, fad diets are quick weight loss diet plans that promise drastic results in a very short period of time. All fad diets have their own specific set of guidelines or rules. Most fad diets are restrictive diet plans that either focus on eating one specific type of food/food group or eliminating a specific type of food group from the diet. Some also focus on others aspects of a diet such as time and quantity of consumption along with type of food.

How to Identify Fad Diets

The problem with trying to define fad diets is that these short-term, quick fix diets come in all sizes and shapes. The best way to identify fad diets is to look out for one or more of the following characteristics that most fad diets display:

  • Promises quick weight loss
  • Promises large amount of weight loss
  • Very simple instructions and are very easy to follow
  • Little or no exercise required
  • Allows you to eat anything except for a specific restricted food types
  • The primary marketing tool is the before and after photos
  • Advertising campaigns involves actors portraying medical experts and doctors
  • Limits food choices or involves a whole food group
  • Requires attending seminars
  • Expensive products

These are some of the many characteristics of fad diets. The golden rule in identifying fad diets is this: If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t true.

Fad Diet Examples

Here are some examples of fad diets. This will help you understand and identify fad diets.

  • The 3-day diet
  • The Cambridge diet
  • The grapefruit diet
  • The cabbage soup diet
  • The Scarsdale diet
  • The bread and butter diet
  • The coconut diet
  • The potato diet
  • The apple diet
  • The 7-day diet

So, you get the point. As you can see, these diets focus on a specific food or food group.

Does It Work And Why Is It So Popular?

If immediate and short-term weight loss is your only goal, then it does work. The reason for this is that fad diets work on the principle of restricting calories. So, when calorie intake is limited, weight loss does occur. The problem is neither is this weight loss healthy nor sustainable.

If you are wondering why is it then so popular? The answer is that most people are looking for a quick fix or drastic results in a short time, and the promoters of these diets know very well how to market these diets and target the vulnerable among us.

What To Do To Effectively And Efficiently Lose Weight?

The safest and healthiest way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy diet and have an adequate exercise regime. Consult a nutritionist or a physician. It will be of far more beneficial to you than a fad diet.

If you, for some reason, have to adopt a fad diet, be very cautious. Seeking medical advice before embarking on a fad diet is advised.

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