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80’s fashion is making a huge return in 2018 and She Simply is here to present you with fashion pieces that would fit in the 80’s that you can wear in 2018 without looking out of place, fashion pieces that will be super trendy in the first half of 2019 as well, they are pieces we are sure you will love as much as we love them, they are inspired by the decade that made so many trends. 80s were a fun decade when it comes to fashion and it is interesting to see some of the trendiest fashion items from that decade make a return so generation of today can also enjoy them.


  1. Animal Print

Animal print was a huge trend in late 80s

She Simply has mentioned how huge animal print is this season (and last one), be it a leopard or snake print, in a couple of our previous articles, it does not hurt to repeat it and explain the way it has made its return is together with other pieces from the 80’s, a decade known for its crazy and fun fashion. Thing is, in 2018 we dont mix our animal print with neon colors.

2. Fanny Packs

”She’s baaaack”

Oh believe it or not they have made a huge return, those of us who have been alive last time they were a big thing, know how happy we were once they were ”out”, but as the wheel of fashion turns, you can not escape the return of fashion items such as fanny packs, and yours truly is even tempted to buy one despite the fact yours truly hated them so much.

Celebrities adore Fanny’s

3. Velour

A huge trend last season that is going on strong this season as well is incorporation of velvet fashion items in our closets, it was hugest of the huge trends in late 80’s and early 90s and was known as ”Velour” , it was so huge that people were relieved once it got out of style. But we are happy this comfy trend is back.

4. Scrunchies

Why did the world start hating on this accessory?

Ah, yes, another fashion item that has made a huge return that so many people were relieved once it got out of style back in late 90’s because it was so dominant in 80’s are scrunchies, they are back in 2018 and are a big, big trend. They have made it on ”worst” lists so many times and were a dreaded fashion piece from this decade that we can’t do anything but wonder ”how are they big again?”. We do not know how, but they are big, so go grab at least one scrunchie and wear it proudly, you no longer need to feel ashamed for loving them.

You no longer need to hide your favorite scrunchies

5. Bucket Hat

I mean, even Aniston wore it

Another fashion item we could have bet will never be as popular as it was is back, and it really is a good thing we did not put our money on its return not happening because not only it is back it is back for a season or two more. Bucket hats were a huge trend in late 80’s and early 90′.

Now it’s fave of Kendall Jenner

6. Tracksuits everywhere

Now tracksuits are timeless, but in 80’s people really liked wearing their trackies almost everywhere. Well, the trend is back, find yourself some nice loungewear which you can wear everywhere and for most occasions, in true 80s spirit.

the secret in looking fashionable in tracksuit in 2018 is picking the pastel colors

7. Ruffles

Ruffles were literally huge in the 80’s

Ruffles were everywhere in 80’s no matter what style you were into, Punk, Hip Hop, Sporty, Rock or preppy, you had something with ruffles on it, it was a must for the most time of the decade. Well ruffles are trendy once again, do not be afraid of this bold fashion statement.

8. Statement Earrings

The bigger the better

Big earrings were a thing in the 80s, and not only were they big, but they also came in many fun and even weird shapes. Well, when it comes to accessories in 2018 the trend has returned, the bigger and the stranger the shape, the better.

2018s earrings are a bit toned down, simplified

As you can see some of the most unusual, hated and beloved fashion items from the 80s are back in a big way this season and the season ahead of us. We are definitively going to have interesting moments, fashion we wear will be talked about and who knows, maybe something new, revolutionary gets created inspired by items that changed the game in fashion industry already before.


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