Wedding Ring Styles

Picking the perfect wedding ring is not as easy as it may seem. The range of possibilities is in fact endless and, to get the perfect one, you will have to browse through many different styles and shapes. To help you in your search, we have put together a small selection of the different kinds of rings that you can find on the market, so that you will know a bit more about different metals, diamonds and engravings.

Classic wedding band

The round, slightly beveled ring, smoother on the inside, where it’s usually engraved with the couple’s respective names. It’s convenient and traditional, mostly made out of gold or silver. In the picture you can see the Gold Collection Classic Collection, by Tiffany & Co.


Usually for the bride’s ring, diamonds are the perfect choice for a precious, luxurious ring. They are matched with precious metals. See above Harry Winston’s Diamond Pavè wedding ring.

Platinum ring

In the past few years, yellow gold has been supplanted by the fashion of white gold and platinum. Although they may look very similar, there is a substantial difference: platinum is a pure metal, while gold in an alloy. For this reason the first one is more expensive and precious. You can see in the picture Damiani’s Fede di Platino.

Fede Sarda

The Fede Sarda is a peculiar type of ring with an embroidered surface made of thin gold, to follow the tradition. Being made of a thin material, without any diamonds nor stones, its prices are pretty affordable. Pictured above, the Fede Sarda with twisted threads by Filigrana Parisi.

Intertwined ring

Perfect for those you cannot choose between two materials; the interwined rings usually feature two different materials mixed, twisted or overlapped with various techniques. In the photo above you can see Polello’s interwined ring embellished with a single diamond.

(Image Credit: Grazia)

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