Volez, Voguez, Voyagez—Louis Vuitton

If you find yourself by any chance in New York until January 7th, 2018, you can go and see a magnificent traveling exhibition of Louis Vuitton named “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez—Louis Vuitton,”.

The exhibition is a shout out to the company’s 163 years of history and will be on two floors in the former New York Stock Exchange. If you go there you can see some of the most famous items related one of the greatest fashion brands, but, you can also see some of the less known items related to it.

Olivier Saillard, a historian and curator was approached by the CEO of LVMH, mister Bernard Arnault who asked him to be the one to create an exhibition for the famous brand.

Olivier Saillard Photographed by Travis Emery Hackett – pic taken from Vogue

“It was quite a big challenge to do a big exhibition for Vuitton because there are so many exhibitions we could do devoted to Vuitton,”  Confessed Saillard to Vogue.

In the end, curator found the inspiration he needed to create an amazing exhibition, not only that but almost a show, that did not focus on the brand itself entirely but the role it had and how it came to exist thanks to the revolutionary vision its first man had about traveling practicality.

The show, as mentioned before, exhibits some of the most famous items of the said brand through its history, but also gives a close and personal look at the private lives of its founders. Standing next to the most famous suitcases are the personal letters, handwritten and signed, giving the life and personality to the exhibition that is rarely seen.

The exhibit has categories such as one with celebrities, in which, you guessed it, you get to see how the brand was worn and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and rest. There are more categories but I don’t really want to reveal everything, I want you guys to be surprised by some things, and I am sure there’s a lot of things that can surprise you as the history of the brand is long and rich.






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