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She Simply continues merging our store’s amazing merchandise with astrology and your shiny bright personality that was written in the stars gets a chance to see and buy clothes fit for it.

The Virgo season started mid-August and will last a couple more weeks in September, the month we are in. It is safe to say that dressing Virgos is fun as they are a transitional period sign.

Virgo is unjustly associated with its virginal symbol when it represents oh so much more than that. Ruled by the planet mercury they are the sign of the mind, and as an earth sign, they are in tune with the material world which is especially visible in the clothes they wear and way they make it put the accent on their amazing bodies. But what type of clothes do this signs pick? We know that images of white flowy dresses appear in your mind, or you might imagine Velma from Scooby Doo type of style… well your mind is going in a good direction, you are not wrong, Virgos will pick very ”smart” and very ”romantic” pieces of clothes, but Virgos tend to be also very sexual at the same time and not afraid of that side of them they often flaunt it.

Have in mind they are ruled by mercury and are an earth sign, therefore think about earth tones and natural materials… this will be oh so she simply.


Earth Tones

As we have mentioned before, Virgo is an earth sign so people born in Virgo season will feel the best in all sorts of brown, green, gray colors.


Looking smart never was this stylish, you can have this amazing brown sweater for only 52$

For the side of you that prefers to flaunt its sexuality this amazing corset in brown color is a hit and you can have it for just $67



Lace is a perfect material for Virgos because it is both sexy and virginal at the same time if the lace was attributed to any astrological sign it would be Virgo. Depending on how you style it or simply how you carry yourself, this material can be either or be both at the same time if you want it to. Lace is considered to be one of the finest handcrafted materials and that corresponds well with Virgos love for creating beautiful things with their crafty hands.

This amazing vintage lace dress from our lovely shop can be yours for just 105$

Unleash your Virginal sexy side with this gorgeous mesh laced black swimsuit for just 28$


Leather Dresses

Yes, you have read that well, leather dresses are a pretty much a Virgo thing and girls born under this star sign are among rare people who actually do look beyond beautiful in this type of dresses.


This pretty bandage dress can be yours for 37$



When it comes to accessories Virgos will take a lot of care about what they put on their precious hands, and as often they tend to be workaholics the time will be their biggest friend and a fo, so it is only natural that they might have a tini-tiny obsession with watches. The thing about Virgos is that they like simplicity, especially when it comes to accessories, so picking simple and finely designed aka shaped watch is a must.

This absolutely beautiful white wrist watch can be yours for just 4$!

Design of this watch will surely make a Virgos heart skip a beat, so to keep your heart going you can have it for 14$



As Virgos are nature loving sign, they will enjoy any fashion item that has motives of it on them, picking something floral for example is a good way to satisfie Virgos need for nature appreciation.


This cactus print Shirt can be yours for 35$



As you can see our shop is equipped with the best of the best, worthy of our picky Virgo buyers. We know that you Virgos will now go there and roam through the whole site trying to find issues with our clothes or the interface, you know you will do that, because thats just what you do. After you realize that there can be no flaw when it comes to She SImply Shops you will surely buy half of the stuff we own because when Virgo buys something it has to be great quality!


Have fun shopping!

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