What happened to MISS UNIVERSE 2015

What happened to MISS UNIVERSE 2015

Get the real scoop about Steve Harvey, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines.

Trouble in the universe?

On Sunday evening, the MISS UNIVERSE 2015 pageant was on air and about to announce to annual Miss Universe of this year. It was down to two last candidates. Miss Colombia also known as Ariadna Gutierrez and Miss Philippines also known as Pia Alonzo were both hand in hand on center stage awaiting nervously the results of the voting. Little did everyone know that this already stressful moment was about to become a lot more awkward. The host of the pageant, Steve Harvey, is a comedian and host that is well known for hosting both Family Feud and his own talk show. With this experience, you would think he’d have a special talent for reading off cards right? Apparently not.

Steve Harvey was getting the crown hyped up as the music was playing in the background. He reads the card and says very clearly that the winner was Colombia. This is followed by ceremonial music in the background and the stashing and crowning of the all new Miss Universe this year. She looked stunning as she waved to her supporters. The only thing was… She wasn’t the winner. In fact, the music stopped and Steve had a little something to say. He started off by saying that he was terribly sorry and that he’d made a mistake. Miss Colombia, in actuality, was the first runner up to being Miss Universe. He finally named the real winner which was Miss Philippines. This was followed by an awfully awkward de-crowning and de-stashing and putting these accessories on the rightful winner. Pia seemed a little bit hesitant about the whole thing but she went along with it. Unfortunately, the real Miss Universe didn’t have much time in the spotlight because of the airing time. Nonetheless, it was a very memorable night.

After this little mishap occurred, there was a lot of talk online concerning this. Steve Harvey quickly became an internet meme. There isn’t always calm after the storm however. Rumors were circulating that Miss Colombia was going to sue Steve for 5 million dollars because of this. This seemed a bit doubtful to most people and we have yet to receive confirmation of the validity of this. A few days after, Miss Colombia sent out a message thanking her supporters and she even went as far as saying that being named Miss Universe wrongly was her destiny. She also congratulated her opponent, Miss Philippines.

Everything seems to have settled down and I believe people are now able to laugh it off. Fun fact, this sort of event as happened to Alan Thicke at the 2006 Miss World pageant. Proving that practice doesn’t always make perfect. Below is the video of the mishap that happened on the evening of Sunday.


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