Tricks To Dye Your Hair At Home

Going to the hair salon every month to get your hair dyed can be expensive and time-consuming. To save some good money and avoid getting stuck in the hairdresser’s chair for three hours (if you’re lucky) you could consider dying your hair at home.

According to experts, if you use the right products and allow yourself some time, you can get amazing results by dying your hair at home without the need to get professional help. Before getting you latex gloves on, you should feel confident that you’ve chosen the right colour for your hair and that you will be happy with the results, even if it might not look as perfect as it looks on the box.

So first things first, you need to choose a colour and, based on your base colour (your natural one) you will have to decide whether or not pre-bleaching your hair. For instance, people with really dark hair who want to dye them blonde need to bleach their hair first and then dye it the colour they want. On the other hand, people with really light hair who want to get a darker shade don’t need to pre-bleach their hair.

Once you have decided what colour to go for, you need to work out the quantities. If you have really short hair, such as a pixie cut, then one box of dye will do, but if you have a longer hairstyle, you better get more than one box of colour, to avoid running out of dye halfway through.

Now you are ready to go and, if you are still insecure about the new chosen colour, do a test on a small portion of hair hidden somewhere behind your ear or on your neck. You will see the ending results and evaluate if you still want to do it yourself or if you’d rather go to the salon.

Once the test is done and you’re happy with it, grab your latex gloves, open the hair dye instructions and start mixing the two bottles together. Before applying the colour make sure to isolate the skin you want to dye, apply chopstick on areas you want to protect from the hair dye, like your ears and forehead.

Once you have done so and feel ready to begin, you can choose how to proceed. You can either use the comb that comes attached to the dye bottle or pour the mixture in a bowl and use a brush to apply it. Usually beginners find it easier to work with the bottle comb and just spread to colour from theroots down using their hands.

Start working your way down from the top, part your hair in half and work on the roots first. Keep parting your hair every time you complete the roots in that section and work your way like this. Once you’re done, start applying more colour on the lengths and gently drag it down from the roots to the ends.

To colour the back of your head you might want to use a mirror, in order to make sure that you’re covering all the areas neatly and always remember to keep an eye on your edges to wipe off the dye that might be sliding down.

Once you’ve got all the colour on, wear a shower cap and follow the instructions for the application time. Put on some new gloves and wash off the hair dye, make sure to wash all your hair and don’t leave in any dye; apply conditioner and a mask.

Dry your hair and enjoy the results; you did that without the help of a professional and you saved a lot of money as well!


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