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One of the last trends, we can say that freely now, this year that has made a huge comeback on the fashion scene thanks to the retro 80’s, 90’s, 00’s trend that rocked fashion world all year long is Plaid.

I have been trying to trace back in time when exactly did it become popular and honestly it is the unlikely person we should thank for it.

Iggy Azalea famously in her music video ”Fancy” played the role of pop cultures favorite blonde fashion adoring brat from ”Clueless”. I believe that video not only introduced us to the future trend of Plaid because one of the most popular looks from the movie and later music video is this yellow Plaid outfit everyone was and still is in love with but to the trend of late 90s preppy chaos and of going back in sugar pop time which we were witnesses of all summer long.

Clueless was all about that plaid

When thinking about it Iggy obviously did not single-handedly make it happen that a trend returns in one day, but she apparently did make designers think towards the time period because of the music videos huge popularity (it was released in 2014)  and nostalgic reaction people had on it, well it’s fashion among other things.



Obviously, the history of Plaid is much, much longer but let’s be real here the plaids comeback is due to the 90s comeback.

Designers this year incorporated this lovely pattern in almost all their designs. Long or short skirts, blazers, jackets, coats… you name it you can find this pattern on anything it became that trendy!

Paco Rabanne and their masculine forms did not resist it





Tory Burch




Louis Vuitton


Zuhair Murad

When designers decided it is worth bringing back fashion followers and influencers agreed. We were witnesses of street style being dominated by plaid coats and blazers who on their own were a huge trend this year, but also pants, skirts, bags and so on.

Plaid incorporated in everyday fashion


We can all agree that it is one interesting pattern that makes us feel pretty nostalgic. Plaid works with all possible styles because through history almost every sub-genre of culture and pop culture itself embraced it. Rock, Punk, Classic, Preppy, Pop – whichever group appeals most to you it has had a period in time when plaid was its favorite pattern.


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