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She Simply staff is very observant and you already know we put a lot of effort in finding things that will be huge in the season ahead of us and alerting our dear readers about them on time, so you can go and find perfect trendy pieces and be the trendiest person on the streets, in the school or wherever you spend your precious fashionable time.

We have observed one interesting material making a slow, quiet entrance on the scene, but before you know it, it will be everywhere! Yours truly is speaking about Corduroy.

Designers are giving us the wide specter of design and colors


This material is basically made of, well cords or textile that looks like a bunch of cords laid next to each other, 3d fabric hills, this makes the texture of the material quite interesting to observe and to touch and it is extremely durable, not a material that will wash off quickly. Due to it being not flat it is not recommendable material for heavy set ladies as it might make you look wider than you are if you don’t wish to look wider that is. Because this material is quite similar to velvet it is often named Corded Velveteen, other names you might know it under are Elephant Cord, Manchester cloth, Pin Cord, and simply cords.

There are quite a number of fashion items that are made of this material, such as Pants, Skirts, Jackets and even accessories such as bags.

This fall Corduroy is going to be a big statement piece, is definitively following the trend of mid 80s fashion that is coming back as it was one of the popular materials back in the days.

If you my lovely readers wish to be super trendy this autumn and winter as the trend will stick, definitively go and buy Corduroy skirt or pants as this are the items that will be most popular.




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