Trend Alert: Beret

This headwear has made a huge comeback on the streets. Every fashion blogger has had them featured in their posts at least once. Some celebrities seem to be enamored by them.


Let me introduce you the magnificent beret!

You may associate by stereotype this headwear with France and Painters. Intellectuals and hipsters… Your parents or their parents might associate it with childhood, as this was one popular item to put on your kids back in the days. Or what first comes to your mind are soldiers as often army’s from all over the world have it as part of their uniform.  Berete is a flat, round and soft hat, made of wool in most of the cases. Berete is one of the most recognizable hats, no wonder as the history of this hat stretches back to Iron Ages in Europe! Now that speaks alot, dosent it.

The mass production of beretes began in 19th century, so it dosent surprise us that it was a huge hit then. Old Hollywood esspecialy was fond of them. You knew nothing of fashion if you did not own one. And gusess what, it is truth what they say about fashion trends making cyclical returns. Berete is back in BIG way!

Models such as Bella Hadid, Elsa Hosk and Kendall Jenner are quite fond of them



And so were Jane Birkin, Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot


Paris Fashion Week 2017 was definitively marked by it, both designers and bloggers flaunted berete on the runway and the ”streetway” (you know, because bloggers flaun their style on the streets, just made the term up, but you know who said it first! ).

Dior used it to put accent on romantic look they were going for


So darlings, what are you waiting for? The period ahead of us is ruled by the sign of beret, go get yourself one! Fast now, it will sell out in no time.

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