Top 7 Hair Trends of 2017

Like every other year, this Fall there are some trends that are more in vogue than others. We are talking about hair trends, specifically. From the catwalk, in fact, we could already predict that this year would be full of innovation and contradiction, with bold hair colours and haircuts, and natural hairstyles, featuring some trends from the past too.

So, enjoy this list of the top 7 hair trends of 2017 and, in case you think we have skipped some of them, let us know in the comments below!

  1. Twists and Braids

Twisted hairdo’s are back in fashion and, if you remember the time when you were a teenager twisting your hair up in the front and keeping it wild in the back, then now it’s time to give that hairstyle a go again!

Braids as well are very trendy this fall, from cornrows to loose French braids, models gave us a glimpse on how to rock some cool braids from their catwalk shows.

  1. Short Hair: Pixie Cuts for All

More and more female celebrities are taking this route and, in complete honesty, we can see why! This “masculine” trend brought in vogue by Twiggy years ago, is now coming back in fashion and, whether if you are brave or confident enough to try this or not, you can’t argue that this is a great style.

  1. Bleached Buzz Cuts

An even bolder choice than the previous one.

Kristen Stewart gave us some jaw dropping looks this year with her new buzz cut and the top model Cara Delevingne did to. So, what are we waiting for to bleach our hair platinum and get a short cut? We might need a wool hat to survive the Fall, but can you imagine not having to spend hours blow-drying your hair?

  1. Go Natural

We are not talking about “natural” in the same way hair stylists do, we are talking about not using any products or heat that could damage your hair and just let it grow freely, taking its own shape.

Bed-head hairstyles are very appealing, especially if you think that you can get one by not causing too much damage to your hair, so maybe give this trend a go.

  1. Straight to the Point

Super straight hair is a thing now, well it has always been for some people, but some others who have never flat ironed their hair before are now being tempted to.

Like we said, this fall is all about contradictions and, although the previous trend was about natural hair, there is also space for trendy women who want to rock a straight hairstyle. 2017 welcomes all!

  1. Hundreds of Colours

If you are on Instagram you will probably have noticed that very often, on your feed, there is loads of hair colouring videos that pop up, sparking in you that tiny inspiration to make your hair green.

Many brands, including L’Oréal and Bleach London, sell temporary hair colour which will give you a chance to see yourself in a different hair colour and maybe decide to go with a permanent one.

  1. Your Hair

Finally, we will end this list of 7 top hairstyle trends by talking about you. Feel confident to let your hair grow and see where it leads you, without stressing too much about the roots, the right length or to have an even haircut. It will eventually get there, just enjoy your natural hair while it’s growing and you will love it even more when you will decide to change your hairstyle.

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