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These are Today Top 7 diet plans. Find the one that best suits You!

Diet plans are becoming increasingly popular these days with everybody wanting to try out different plans for various reasons. Majority of the diet plans focus on weight loss. The next biggest category of diet plans focus on detoxification. There are a variety of plans for everything like low-glucose diet plans, anti-inflammatory diet plans, so on and so forth. We have tried to list down the top seven diet plans that are making a mark among people.

  1. DASH diet plan – The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension is a plan developed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. It focuses on reducing blood pressure by cutting back on salt. This plan is a favorite among people due to its ability to prevent and control diabetes.



  1. TLC Diet Plan – The Therapeutic Lifestyle changes diet plan has also been created by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and focuses on weight reduction by reducing the intake of LDL and cholesterol. This diet caps the calorie intake to achieve its objective



  1. Weight Watchers diet plan – As the name suggests, this diet plan focuses on weight loss by providing a balanced diet. This diet focuses on increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and also permits small treats during the course.



  1. Jenny Craig diet plan – Jenny Craig diet plan is among the easiest to follow and hence very much liked by followers. The foods and recipes recommended by Jenny are delicious and satisfying. Her diet consultants are also known for their emotional support during the course of the programs.



  1. Biggest Loser diet plan – This diet plan has been made extremely popular by the TV show and is a very fulfilling diet plan. While there are good results observed in terms of weight loss, this plan provides three meals and two snacks to followers during the day. This seven day diet plan is a great option for those looking for quick weight loss.

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  1. Ornish diet plan – Developed by Dean Ornish, this diet plan can be customized to one’s requirements of losing weight, controlling diabetes, reducing blood pressure etc. Dean Ornish is a professor of medicine at University of California, San Francisco.



  1. Raw diet Plan – The raw food diet plan is among the toughest diet plans to follow but has shown great results in many cases. As per experts, eating raw food reduces the number of calories being consumed and hence aid in weight reduction.



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