Top 5 Easy Fall Trends to Follow

In case you’re still caught up in a summer high and haven’t noticed the changing of the seasons, fall is now officially upon us. And of course, with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of trends! Whether you’re constantly on the lookout for new trends to follow or simply enjoy wearing something trendy every now and then, here is your guide to 5 easy fall trends you can follow (who knows? Chances are, you probably already have these in your closet).

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1. Florals

Did that cause you to do a double take? Apparently, the floral trend is no longer exclusive to the spring season so don’t pack away your florals just yet, and rock them this fall season either by pairing a dainty floral sundress with a moto jacket and boots or pairing an airy long-sleeve floral blouse with a faux fur vest and midi skirt.

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2. Lingerie

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we’re still definitely talking about this fall season’s trends. Spotted on the runway shows of renowned fashion designers the likes of Saint Laurent and Zimmermann were sheer lace-infused accoutrements that probably left some people baffled since sporting sheer or flimsy clothing during the fall season is akin to asking for a flu, but don’t fret. You can always wear this trend with a faux fur coat or a trench coat. And if you prefer to balance out the femininity of your slip dress or lace camisole, donning a leather jacket is one way to do it.

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3. Red

After seeing a slew of ladies in red sashaying down the runways, it is starting to seem like red may just be the color of the fall season, not to mention an easy trends to follow. Feel free to take notes from the Fendi fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection and wear an all-out red dress or use it as an accent to your overall outfit. But if you think you’re bold enough to rock it, why not try for a red over-the-knee boots?

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4. Denim

This has got to be the easiest trend to follow this fall season. I mean, who doesn’t own a pair of denims? But brands such as Calvin Klein and Sacai have taken the trend a little bit further by sending models down the runway dressed head-to-toe in denim. Not quite ready to do the same, but still want to deviate from the regular denim jeans? Three words: denim statement piece. Play it a bit safe while still looking trendy by wearing a denim top or if you want to turn heads, a denim trench coat would definitely do the job.

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5. Blazer

Like the denim, who doesn’t own a blazer? This piece of clothing is already a closet staple in itself. It is worth taking note though that for this fall season, when it comes to blazers, the more androgynous it looks, the better. So go ahead and raid your boyfriend, husband, brother, father’s closet for theirs, but just make sure that it still fits well enough that it doesn’t make you look like a kid playing dress up in your father’s clothes.


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