This Man Took a Picture Everyday of His Life and It Will Make You Introspect

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July 7, 1990: Goofing around

December 8, 1990: Eureka moment??? 🙂

April 9, 1991: It’s time for some baseball

January 2, 1996: Wait… Who is the photographer?

February 7, 1997: Star Wars!!! Who doesn’t like them???

May 2, 1997: Jamie is diagnosed with cancer and his health starts to deteriorate rapidly

May 4, 1997: After the surgery

June 2, 1997: Another self-portrait

July 29, 1997: Chemotherapy and hair loss

August 20, 1997: A visit from the friends in the hospital

August 21, 1997: Medication is not a routine

September 29, 1997: Little improvement but still ill

October 5, 1997: Proposes his girlfriend. You can see her in the back (Wonderful, isn’t it?)

October 7, 1997: The big day. They get married

October 10, 1997: Jamie and his wife’s last portrait 🙁

October 20, 1997: A sharp deterioration in Jamie’s health just a few days after the wedding

October 24, 1997: Friends visit him in the hospital and play music for him

October 25, 1997: The final picture. Jamie passed away on his 41st birthday

You can find more pictures here.

H/T: Photo of the day, Bright Side, Bored Panda

Photo Credits: Photo of the day, Bright Side, Bored Panda

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