This Man Took a Picture Everyday of His Life and It Will Make You Introspect

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Jamie Livingston, sadly, passed away in 1997 on his 41st birthday. But, during his time alive he took up a very unique project and left something beautiful behind. He is gone but he will never be forgotten.

As a college student, Jamie took a photograph of his friends on March 31st 1979. That was his first photograph. This was just the beginning. From this day on, he went on to take a picture everyday for the next 18 years on his Polaroid SX-70. He went to document every aspect of his life on Polaroid.

Jamie took over 6,000 pictured before he passed away because of cancer.

This will make you appreciate what you have and live your life to the fullest. This is a piece of someone’s life captured in a few photographs. They are more powerful than you can imagine. Have a look:

Everything has a beginning. June 15, 1979: Jamie Livingston’s first self-portrait

March 31, 1979: The very first photo of Jamie Livingston’s project

May 27, 1979: Graduation day. Jamie is an alumnus of Bard College

March 31, 1980: Riding the New York subway on a bicycle

August 11, 1980: Jamie’s close friend

June 13, 1981: Working in the circus as a clown

December 6, 1980: Abstract yet emotional

March 7, 1982: Virtual reality from the 80s

July 18, 1982: An unforgettable summer trip to Europe!

January 1, 1983: Welcoming the New Year

January 21, 1983: Working at MTV as a music editor

April 3, 1984: Reaching more than 1,500 pictures

May 8, 1985: Mirrors!

June 27, 1985: A good morning it is

August 9, 1986: Good time with friends

September 23, 1986: Beautiful emotions

December 11, 1986: Intimate and sensuous

March 30, 1988: By now he has thousands of them

June 2, 1989: Not just a talented a photographer, he also can accordion player

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