Things You Didn’t Know About Whoopi Goldberg

Born Caryn Elin Johnson in New York, she changed her name to Whoopi, inspired by a whoopee cushion, and Goldberg, as she thought that, being Jewish people are always successful in the entertainment industry, she might as well become famous thanks to it.

She is mostly known as one of the best actresses in Hollywood, with a number of huge cult movies under her belt, from Ghost to Sister Act, but there is many things that people don’t know about here, so here are some things you didn’t know about Whoopi Goldberg!

She has been dyslexic since she was a child but only diagnosed as an adult because, as she reported to BBC, “When I was a kid they didn’t call it dyslexia, they called it … you know, you were slow or retarded or whatever.”

She was reportedly inspired to become an actress after watching Star Treck on TV. She was only a child when she saw Nichols’ character, Uhura, and said “Momma! There is a black lady on television and she ain’t no maid”.

The actress is afraid of flying because, while working as a waitress in San Diego, she witnessed a commercial airliner collide with Cessna, resulting in 144 deaths.

Her breakthrough role was The Color Purple, where she played Celie and for which interpretation she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

She is the owner of a line of medical marijuana products, Maya & Whoopi.

In 2009, during an interview with The Telegraph, she revealed that, as a teenager, she was “homeless and addicted to heroin”.

She has a big shoulder tattoo that was revealed when she wore a sleeveless dress on the 2016 Oscar’s red carpet.

Whoopi Goldberg was the first woman ever to host the Oscars. She then went on and host the Academy Awards three more times.

She is one of only 10 people to have won a Grammy, Emmy, Daytime Emmy and Oscar Award, as well as a Tony.

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