25 Things Women Say That Men Don’t Understand

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There are many things that women say and men completely misunderstand it. Here is a list of such funny things that will tickle your funny bone.

1. I don’t want to talk about it…

I dont want to talk about it

This means she will be going away now, but will be coming back with new evidence to nail you. Be aware!

2. We need that…

We need

This means she needs it… Period…

3. I’m not upset…

I am not upset

This means she is definitely upset…

4. You have to learn to communicate…


This means you should stop arguing and start agreeing with her…

5. Do you have to do this now?

Do you have to do it now

This is not a question at all… In plain ENGLISH, it means stop whatever you are doing right now and wait for further orders.

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