The Top Fashion Trends of 2016

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We are over a month and a half into 2016 and are starting to get an idea of what the fashion trends of 2016 will be like. So we thought, “Why not do a small thought experiment?” We put ourselves in the shoes of our future selves (precisely December 31, 2016) and asked us this question, “What are the top fashion trends of 2016?”

You might say the answers of the thought experiments would only be speculations. Well, we beg to differ. There is a lot of information available and many trends taking shape. So, we are pretty confident of accurately predicting the fashion trends of 2016. We hope this will help you to get ahead of the crowd and be the trendsetter among your circles.

Without further delay, here is what the top trends of 2016 will look like:

Exposed Shoulders


Cate Blanchett made a huge statement when she stepped out in a white, fitted, crochet, cut-out shoulder dress at the Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2016 show. The exposed shoulder has been making appearances in many other Spring shows such as that of Alessandra Rich, Erdem, Wes Gordon, Givenchy and Derek Lam. Be assured that shrugging off your sleeves is going to be a big trend of 2016. So bare those shoulders as they are perfect for all occasions from the beach to bars.

Bold Stripes


Bold stripes make a head-turning statement. Many designers chose head-to-toe vertical stripes in their spring collections of 2015. The difference in 2016 is going to be that stripes will be running from east to west instead of north to south. The bright and broad bands on your dress go with styles and occasions, be it casual T-shirts or festive cocktail dresses.

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