The Style of Hadid sisters

Both sisters are gorgeous supermodels. That alone is telling us enough about their looks, but let me be more descriptive. Both sisters are tall and lean, long legs and curves at all the right places. Piercing eyes and clear skin, healthy hair that changes its length, shape an color, and always fits their oval faces. High cheekbones and full lips. They got the best genes from their Danish supermodel mum Yolanda that is certain.


Both sisters have developed their own unique styles. They certainly do borrow each other’s clothes and influence one another, but they are wearing it uniquely.


Gigi is the more chic glam sporty one that is for sure.

Let’s just say sports outfit never looked this fancy.


Even though both sisters are not afraid of showing skin, it seems that Bella is more than fond of it. What both sisters are also very fond of is chic casual clothes.

If you can make a buisness outfit look this comfy you are on to something!


Another thing the sisters share is the love of the 90s clothes. Both of them like incorporating into their looks the 90s memorabilia such as crop tops or patched bell pants.



Gigi also seems to be more in to rock fashion while Bella is fond of Pop and Hip Hop styles.




As you can see the style of Hadid sisters is inspiring and absolutely fashionable. We are looking forward to seeing how their style develops in future.



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