The Style of Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is famous supermodel whose career has been propelled to its position once she became a model for ultra famous Victorias Secret lingerie brand. With a unique type of beauty that grabs attention wherever she goes, she can brag with very interesting and trendy taste in clothes.

Swedish supermodel started her fashion career quite early in life thanks to her parents who did not shy away from finding a job worthy of her beauty. We can therefore freely say that it would be expected that the model who basically grew up surrounded by fashion would end up having an amazing style of her own.

Elsa knows how to mix trends up

Elsas style is quite interesting to observe indeed, she is great at incorporating all the hip trends with her own love for retro style.

Yes if we take a closer look at her fashion sense we can observe that retro is her way of dressing up – take off all the glam and glitz and you will get the 70s, 80s and early 90s in front of you when you are looking at her in all their rawness.

Elsa knows how to mix all trends up and still have her unique fashion style. In the picture above we can see how she bravely mixed up Suede/Velvet boots with another huge trend of this season, Faux fur and managed to achieve the retro look we just talked about.

Swedish beauty is not afraid of raw styles

Lovely model is not afraid of dressing up in rather masculine forms either, she is very fond of leather, bomber jackets and so on, clothes that can hide her sexy figure do not intimidate her and she is sending us all a message we should not be intimidated either.

Elsa’s bravery with clothes is truly inspirational – when someone else would end up looking distasteful she manages to make everything she wears look appropriate and worthy of our attention and admiration. If you are brave enough, you can try and be Elsa for a day by being a trendy retro girl.



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