The Sock Boots

If you are following the fashion scene you have probably noticed that a type of shoewear has made a discrete attack on every known fashionistas style.

Models, Bloggers, Celebrities… you name it, they all have rocked this elegant and retro looking shoe style this season.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio looks comfortable in her fave pair of Sock Boots


I am speaking of Sock Boots as the title of this article is suggesting.


Lets first discuss the design of this boots. The name originates from the interesting shape and materials the boots, usually ankle lenght, are made of.  Materials are thin and form hugging on the top, around ankles and calfes , therfore they act as a sock, then we have the bottom, which is usualy not with a high platform, the heel is medium to high and this season the trendiest is the boxy one. The whole look of the boot is the one that makes it seem like you are wearing socks over pumps. Mistery that shouldnt be such a mistery has been soloved!

Form hugging and chic retro looking

Sock boots are kinda a nod to the 60s and 70s when they became recognizable, and with the return of tweed blazers with whom they are often paired this season, let’s just say the fall is looking retro chic.

Sock Boots paired with a Tweed Blazer is Fall 2017 huge trend

These boots are easy to combine, you don’t have to go all retro, you can go urban, classy, well they work with any style really, my point was that they are a retro blast from the past that is being bravely incorporated in today’s fashion.

They refresh every look

This fall and winter you can not go wrong if you grab a pair of Sock Boots, you can find them everywhere now, from Valentino to Zara, you name it, they are everywhere.

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