The Perfect Eye Makeup For Your Face Shape

Eye makeup is something indisputably fascinating and, depending on the style you decide to go for, it looks incredibly good or just awful. There is a plausible reason why this happens and it is due the fact that, to get the perfect eye makeup style, you must be aware of your face shape.

To help you figure out what’s your face shape (in case you don’t know yet) and which eye makeup style is more suitable for you, we have redacted a short guide for the four most common face shapes: round, oval, heart and square.

Round shaped face: There’s a few celebrities that have a round shaped face; one of them is the beautiful Dawson’s Creek actress, Michelle Williams. As you can see from the picture, her makeup is very delicate yet structured, to define better every trait of her face.

The best advice for women with a round shaped face, in fact, is to use makeup to define its structure. A smoky eye is ideal, as it puts focus on your eyes, making them stand out. To complete the look, you might apply some highlighter to your cheeks and use bronzer for definition. Angular-shaped eyebrows are the best choice for a round shaped face.

Square shaped face: The gorgeous Lucy Liu notoriously has a square face and, even when going makeup free she looks great! If your face is shaped like hers, then you will know that there is plenty of eye makeup styles you look good with. To soften angles, it’s always better to go for a feminine, delicate eye makeup.

Always avoid strong colours when it comes to eyeliner (black will be fine), try instead to focus on your lashes and match them with a girly shade of eyeshadow. Pinks work well, especially if you combine them with a rosy blush and a rose lipstick.

Oval shaped face: If you have an oval-shaped face, then know that Beyoncé does too! Yes, the Lemonade singer has a peculiar face shape, which she likes to play with, both makeup and hairstyle wise.

Using a blush that cuts your cheeks horizontally is a good idea. To add definition to your face shape, don’t be afraid to experiment with dark eyeshadow. Medium/dark shades work well on oval-shaped faces and, depending on your skin tone and eye colour, you can range from blacks to purples. Finish the look with a delicate black eyeliner and, if you fancy, some lipstick.

Heart shaped face: The beautiful Kerry Washington is one of the celebrities with a heart-shaped face. People with this type of face usually have very prominent cheekbones and chin so, to draw attention away from it, avoid using highlighters and use a soft shade of lipstick.

Eye makeup is particularly important is this case and, to focus all the attention on your eyes, use a pencil liner (liquid eyeliner tend to be look too sharp sometimes) and orientate more towards shades of pinks and reds to help soften your face structure.

Photo credit: Simply Sona, Getty Images

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