The Chocolate Diet: Does It Work?

If you go online and search for “chocolate diet” you will find hundreds of articles about how a daily chocolate intake might be beneficial for your diet and overall health.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose weight eating chocolate every day? Of course, yes, however, I’m sorry to be the one who breaks this news to you, but this is not how this diet plan works.

There have been many dietician and food specialists who have given their twist to this peculiar diet, but the only thing they all seem to agree on is the fact that the daily intake of chocolate must be regular and should not exceed one ounce (29 grams circa). The reason behind this is to avoid going overboard with what you eat, instead letting the body get used to a strict diet regimen.

Another important thing to never forget about is to follow a balanced diet, making sure that your body gets everything it needs, from vegetables – rich in iron, protein and fiber – to water, which is the basis of every healthy diet.

Not only including a daily intake of chocolate in your diet will be beneficial for your weight, but it will also improve your health. According to a research made by the University of Cambridge, in fact, people who eat chocolate daily are “37% less likely to suffer with heart diseases” than those who don’t eat it regularly. This does not mean that if you start including chocolate in your diet you will never experience any health issues, but, based on this study, it is now proven that chocolate is a valuable nourishment for us.

Myths About Chocolate That Are Not True

A myth about chocolate that we have to bust is the fact that “it makes your skin break out”. Technically this statement is false, however, a high glycemic index diet (eating foods that affect your blood sugar) could make your skin more prone to acne. What you could do to avoid this is eating dark chocolate, which has less sugar than milk chocolate, especially if you prefer a chocolate with 72 percent cocoa rather than 50 percent.

So, enjoy your treats without fear of pimples!

Celebrities That Include Chocolate In Their Diet 

There are loads of celebrities who love chocolate as much as you do; Blake Lively, Jennifer Hudson, the Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima and none other than the queen Beyoncé!
Then, if so many celebrities love it, would it be bad if you tried this out to see how it goes?

It’s your decision, but maybe this bizarre – and possibly effective – new diet trend could be a better way of losing weight and living better.

(All pictures are from: Pixabay)

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