The Best Workout Clothes Brands

Working out can be exhausting but, those who at least try to be more athletic will know for sure that choosing the right apparel is essential. Among the best workout clothes brands we find big names, such as Nike and Rebook, as well as brands that are less known, such as Sweaty Betty and Under Armour.

To find the perfect fit for you, you have to consider a few things, first of all, the discipline or workout plan you are willing to follow. There are many brands, in fact, that specialize in the production of workout clothes dedicated to certain sports rather than others, such as Alo Yoga.

To give you a brief explanation about each discipline and what apparel is more suitable, we have put together a selection of brands, all producing workout clothes for different aims and disciplines.

Alo Yoga

We start from Alo Yoga which, as we have just mentioned, is one of the leading brands in the industry, offering a variety of clothes and accessories that are perfect for people taking yoga classes. The brand not only focuses on producing trendy, fashionable garments, but they also produce clothes that are ideal for yoga training on and off the mat. The brand is considered to be pricey (a pair of pants are over $100), but the materials used are perfect to compress the body and help shaping it.


If you are looking for something more accessible, still perfect for every type of training, then Reebok is the right choice for you. From transpiring T-shirts to pants, they have all that’s necessary to exercise in all comfort.


Clothes and accessories are what make this brand stand out. From shoes to headbands, Asics has the essential when it comes to workout apparel.

Sweaty Betty

This workout brand’s focus is on fabrics and bold patterns to make you feel incredibly fashionable even while you’re working out. It is available in a full range of styles and sizes, from XXS to XL.


One of the most iconic sportswear brands, Nike, offering a wide selection of shoes, clothes and accessories at a variety of prices.

You will definitely find what you’re looking for if you choose one of these brands!

(Image Credit: Brand Channel, Embody Pilates, Sweat, Drapers)

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