The Best Teas To Get Through Winter Colds

Getting through the Winter without getting a cold seems almost impossible to some people, however, choosing the right hot beverage might be the answer to this.

From coffee to tea, everyone loves a warm drink during the cold season if not for its beneficial properties, just to keep our hands warm holding a mug.

In particular, when it comes to tea, there is a variety of flavours to choose from and, based on what you prefer, you might find the perfect tea for you; from fruity ones to classic British tea.

This drink is perfect to enjoy with some pastries on your sofa, comfortably at home or on the go, using one of the many travel mugs you can find on sale in almost every coffee shop.

If this wasn’t enough, you can also add other ingredients to your tea, such as lemon or mint, to give it a peculiar taste, that you might enjoy more than just classic tea. However, on sale you can find a variety of teas already flavoured with what you like, from blueberries to lemon.

Once you have chosen the right tea flavour for you, you can enjoy your beverage and all of its beneficial properties. Herbal teas, in particular, not only have warming effects on your body, but they can make you feel better if you have a cold or flu. We are talking about ginger tea, clove tea and licorice tea. Each of them has a strong taste that most people find sweet (especially the licorice tea) and beneficial for your throat.

There is then medical teas, such as the “gingermint tea”, great for the circulatory and respiratory systems and perfect to settle your stomach.

You should also try herbal teas with whole parts of herbs, such as leaves or roots. They give your drink a strong flavour, that some may find tastier than herb infused teas.

Lastly, you can decide to enjoy a simple tea; classic British tea is usually what most people prefer. It has a neutral taste, to which you can add milk or lemon.

Although it might not have the same medical effects as most of the herbal teas do, British classic tea is a must if you are feeling cold during the Winter. Try it with some butter biscuits, the authentic way to drink British tea!

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

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