The Art Of Aging Gracefully – How To?

If it was in our hands, we all would ensure that we don’t age at all. But nature does not obey and dance to the tunes of our wishes. We all have to age and there is no escaping that. But we can definitely take steps to ensure that we age gracefully. Some of the most famous and loved celebrities of our time have aged gracefully and how. From Meryl Streep to Sandra Bullock, these celebrities not only have aged gracefully but they have also done some of their best work as they have aged. We would all be happy if we could replicate the success of these celebrities in our own lives in our own small ways. So, the question is how to age gracefully?

Following are some tips to follow that will help you age gracefully and beautifully:

Regular Exercise


This is no rocket science. Exercises keep us fit and healthy. Most common ailments associated with aging can be eliminated with proper and regular exercises. Exercises not only keep us physically fit but also helps improve brain functionality, leads to better skin and improves metabolism. Aerobic exercises lasting at least 45 minutes and three to four times a week is a must. This keeps your hearts young and also takes care of your figure.

Healthy Diet


This is the simplest and easiest way to a healthy life. Load your diet with vegetables and fruits, while avoiding junk food. Replace butter with olive oil. A healthy vegetarian diet is a great way to take care of your skin. Eat your vitamins and minerals. This is possible through a balanced diet.

Reduce Smoking and Alcohol


Smoking might help you relieve your stress temporarily, but it does no good to you in the long run. Giving up smoking is one of the best things you could do when it comes to aging gracefully. Limited alcohol consumption is okay and might even be healthy but don’t go overboard. You should limit yourself to one drink a day and no more.

A Good Night’s Sleep


Most mental and physical problems can be traced back to the lack of good sleep and rest. Our bodies are not designed to be workhorses. They need ample rest to function at their optimum. In today’s busy and materialistic world, there is very little focus on getting ample sleep. People who give up on their sleep are considered to be hard working and are even rewarded. But this is stupidity. Our bodies need at least 6.5 hours of sleep every day. So, stopping cutting on your sleep if you want to healthy and beautiful as you grow old.

Learn New Things and Lead an Active Life


It is no secret that our cognitive abilities decrease with age. So, you have got to challenge your brain to retain its cognitive abilities well into old age. The more it is challenged, the better it performs. Also, lead an active life. Have an active social life and keep your friends close. A broader social network is found to be associated with lower rates of dementia. Participate in varied activities and indulge in group activities.

So, stop worrying about aging and accept the changes. Follow the above tips and you will see that growing older isn’t such a bad thing at all.

H/T:, WebMD

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