Summer In White

What is among the first associations you have when it comes to summer fashion? Stripes, straw hats, flowy skirts and of course white!

If white clothes were meant to be worn in any type of weather it would definitively be in as hot as we currently are in, the summertime weather. Summer 2018 is ending in all its white fashion glory.

It is just a perfect color for this sunny days, because not only it is aesthetically pleasing and designers use white for some of the most romantic and chic fashion items, but also because of it’s famous protective function, you know it reflects light and all, we know you have studied about it in physics class. We are not here to talk about science, although understanding why it was used as much in summer through history is well explained with few basic science facts; we are here to talk about how great white clothes are for summer and how you should style it in summer 2018 that is ending and we want to end it in some good fashion.

White clothes are chic and romantic, they can make you look both effortless and like you are really, really thought about what you will wear that day for that outing – paradoxical? No, just white and typical for summer.

Picking a more elaborate period looking white shirt with feminine details and pairing it with jeans and for example, basic slides will make you look like an urban effortless mermaid, think about a modern renaissance in fashion form. Crop top, off shoulder, puffy sleeves – almost anything works as long as it is white.

Almost any type of jewelry works well with white because it is such a basic color. This summer wearing your white clothes with golden accessories is the ultimate fashionista move. If you really want to look rich combining white clothes with golden jewelry is the right way. And as a bonus, I am going to tell you that pendant necklaces and hoop earrings are the trendiest ones.

White wide legged pants paired with a nice white crop blouse, materials of your choice although we would recommend silk or flannel simply because they will keep you chill  – this combination besides being super trendy  is also good for you because it  will make you look like you are on a luxurious vacation even if you are going to your 9-5 day job and hating the fact your vacation days are over. This is a good combination for work clothes and is the color that can look super professional even when the form of clothes is more casual. Try to keep the waist of your pants as high so it reaches the shorter top, no midriffs when going to work, please, for any other occasion showing a little bit of skin in the abdominal area is ok.

And we know some of you are scared of picking nice white summer dress because you have heard not everyone can pull it off, but trust your She Simply staff, you can do it, all you have to do is watch the shape that fits your body and materials. Of course, you should wear underskirt if your materials are seethrough, underskirts are the solution for that problem, trust us. We have to put emphasis again that you should not be scared of the myth that white clothes will make you look bigger, it is all about the shapes you pick that showcase your body the best, don’t give up on white dresses this summer especially as white dresses summersomer come in such fun and beautiful designs.


White clothes are nothing to be afraid of as you can see, this color is perfect for the summer and its sunny hot weather. White offers so much room for self-expression because few details can change the whole look of it. It is one of the trendiest colors of the season so picking it for any occasion cannot be wrong, only the right, correct thing! 2018 is the year of white.


Written by Milica Dje.


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