Summer Fashion Inspiration : Vanessa Hudgens

Now and then everyone needs some inspiration when it comes to fashion and style, that’s why we buy overpriced magazines featuring gorgeous models who were styled by creative stylists with some of the best designer clothes, we admire the fashion items, famous actresses, singers, and starlets are wearing, on them even the simplest white t-shirt ends up looking amazing and we, of course, follow fashion bloggers whos new posts from interesting locations in fun and innovative fashion items we wait to see if not daily, then weekly. Platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and We heart it has become our best friends when we are in need of a good fashion vaccine.

In this article, we will together admire the fashion style of ex Disney actress Vanessa Hudgens. We met her when she was a bubbly teenager in teen classic movie(s) High School Musical when we fell in love with her both physical and inner beauty. Observing this young woman was a treat because she serves some serious fashion and definitively is an inspiration. What we at She Simply love the most is when a person is being themselves, not trying to copy anyone and do their own thing, all the things Vanessa does.

She can make anything look good

Vanessa Hudgens has developed her own style which she does not let go even though years are passing by, importantly her style looks timeless thanks to her being able to carry it, something yours truly admires because some of us don’t have style consistency. The Vanessa’s style is Bohemian Chic and we absolutely love it.

Casual walk becomes magical

This young actress can make unmatchable look so good. Sometimes fashion is more than just clothes, it is about the attitude also and Vanessa proves it. Anything becomes cool when a cool person wears it.

Going shopping never looked this good

Hudgens is a modest young lady as she has proven many times, being constantly praised for her fun and effortless style has not made her feel like a diva, she says that she is not ”perfect” adding that one has to embrace oneself first. And we totally agree.

Grocery Shopping was never this stylish and cool

The young actress is all about women power and she encourages women to style themselves nicely because as she says ”when you look good, you feel good. And there is nothing more powerful or beautiful than a confident woman” when you think she cant get any better, right.

How to make black on black on black work for summer

When asked by red carpet Roxy about fashion and beauty must-haves her answer was totally Bohemian, she said she loved gemstone colors and her fave staple peace item was over the knee boots – come on Vanessa can you get any cooler?

We definitively love Vanessa because she has her own style and the very style she has is quite appropriate for the summer, although we are fans of her fall and winter outfits as well, as we are in a quest for summer inspiration feast your eyes with this outfits Vanessa rocked.

We love when she goes dark and long


Or when she decides to rock colorful patterns


Vanessa Hudgens 70’s inspired style is giving us life


If you ever wondered how to wear ripped jeans


And we can freely proclaim her the queen of lace dresses


Her classy style inspires us


Her sporty outfits are always on point



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