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Rarely who is unaware of existence and importance of one of the most famous fashion and beauty house in the industry, Chanel S.A. I decided to tell our faithful readers a story behind its huge success, as will be the case with other ”Story Behind The Brand” articles that I will write in the future.

It is very important to put the spotlight on greats who were here before us, so we can learn from them. It is important to know about the industry we are in or we simply enjoy what it gifts us with – fashion and beauty.

In this article we will mention Chanel, brand you have heard of so many times of and you know its worth. But do you know Chanel’s story?

Famous fashion designer Coco Chanel was an ambitious, creative lady with though personal history who channeled her love towards sewing into creating something hers.

She opened her first millinery shop in Paris, the year 1909 with help of her lover, Balsan. Balsan gave her the space for the shop on the ground floor of the flat which he owned. Location was more than good as it was the hotspot of Parisian socialites. A great number of rich ladies had the opportunity to discover Coco Chanel’s fascinators and hats.

Young Coco

Coco’s business was doing so well that she could afford material and social independence of her lover Balsan. Through him, she managed to get connected to quite a number of rich and influential people, and one day, also through her lover she met another man that left a mark on this ambitious young lady, a man who also became her lover, Arthur Capel, better known as Boy.

Arthur Boy Capel

Boy saw more than her physical beauty, he saw a businesswoman in her and was ready to help her out because of the potential that was obvious. Boy financed Coco Chanel’s first independent millinary shop. Business lease limited Coco to only selling millinery products because the location already had a shop – she could not sell couture clothes, but that did not stop business sway Coco, she started selling ready to wear clothes aimed for sports activity. It is an understatement to say that it became a hit.

Coco dressed in ”manly” clothes which she made popular

When first world war started so did start a fashion revolution not many were aware of. Due to the material limitations designers who were used to the richness of color and structure had to improvise, it was easy for Coco to put out a line of ”simple” and easy to wear clothes on which you do not have to use alot of materials such. That was the time when she put out her famous flannel blazers, saillor blouses, sweaters, a-line skirts and all the things we know her brand for.

Her clothes never lacked on glamour despite being simple. The shape, colors and way Chanel styled them made them look upper class and socialites that had to give up on their extravagant dresses loved it.

Chanel later changed business partners and got herself in some controversy, but nothing could put a spot on the brand she created because she put a lot of effort in creating something worthy and people recognized it. Chanel changed the course of fashion singlehandedly.

Written by Milica Dje.


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