Spring Trend Alert!

Officially we are in the season we know as Spring, but judging by the weather through the world we still have time to equip our closets with trendiest spring items if we already haven’t done it.

Trends for one of the most loved seasons are interesting this year, as you will see we are on the verge of classic and retro. Maybe as we get in the season we will create something new, something that will mark this year?

Colored leather jacket’s

Spring is a famous transitional period to which we look forward to because we can take out our favorite leather jackets out of our closets and look a bit cooler. Because they are such a classic in the transitional period from time to time fashion industry likes to make an adjustment or two when it comes to their style. This season the trendiest leather jackets are the ones that come in color, any color really works but pastel pink and yellow ones are trendiest.

Maxi Skirts

Spring is also known as the feminine season, and how could it not be known as such when nature is awakening and we get to see the display of its beauty in its full force. You know what is also known as a feminine thing? Skirts! This spring go buy a nice maxi skirt, with the floral pattern it would be ideal because this season they are a must-have.


Trousers are coming back to style this spring in a big way. They are a versatile piece of clothes that you can mix and match and they come in many designs so anyone can find their perfect ones. They are made of light materials yet cover enough skin for the period which can be moody and go in a second from hot to cold. Trendiest design of trousers for spring is with stripes when it comes to patterns.


And finaly what we girls are looking forward to the most are dresses. This spring the trendiest style of dress is ”sundress” a dress made of linen or like materials, simple in design often with square neckline, front buttoning and a waistband. Simple, classic yet this seasons almost groundbreaking. After the domination of ultra body hugging dresses such as body cons in seasons behind us, sundresses are relaxing refreshment.

by: Milica Dje

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