Spring Trend Alert: Leopard

It is officially time when we have to start thinking about what we will wear this spring. I have been very alert this whole winter and followed all the best fashionistas, designers and celebrities so i would be the first to figure out what really will rock the season ahead of us.

Leopard print will make a huge comeback. Do not frown on the idea before you see the examples of how to style them that i have prepared for you. Leopard this spring will be an interesting staple peace, the attention will not be solely on it and you will be advised not to go head to toe in leopard print.

Instead of using it to glam yourself up this spring we are going to use it to put an accent on our inner urban animal. That’s right, the leopard print this spring season will be inspired by the idea of urban wilderness instead of the animal rawness of our own sexuality or catlike enjoyment in all things glamorous.

Some of the ways you can enjoy this trend is by deciding to pick a perfect leopard print outwear. For the beginning of spring, you can always pick one of the many faux fur coats or jackets with this print and style it according to the theme i gave you, which is urban wilderness.

If you decide to pick a dress or a shirt in this print, I would advise you to accessorize in similar tones as the ones of the print, but do not reach out for accessories with animal print or the accessories of the same color as print. It is very important to make yourself look effortless while wearing this print, as often people who decide to wear it make it seem like they have overdone it exactly because they pair the print opposite of what I just advised you to do.

Cool down the look with denim


Picking shoes in this print are great idea if you decide to wear a simple outfit, with the shoe you are breaking down the whole concept of simplicity and adding it an edge that is needed for urban outfits, pay attention that the shoes themselves are of good quality because a cheap shoe can destroy any outfit no matter the quality of print on them.

Same as with the shoes can be said about the bags, you can break down the simple outfit or you can give an urban edge to a sporty one. Yes, you can combine leopard print with a sport-inspired outfit just keep in mind to match the tones but not colors and textures.

And for the less brave ones who still wish to implement a little bit of this print in their looks, I would recommend reaching out for accessories such as sunglasses or jewelry with it. It is subtle enough yet effective! Leopard print goes perfectly together with black, white and even all pastel colors so if you are a fan of the same you can do no wrong if you give a little dose of wilderness to your look with accessories with leopard print.

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