Spring and Summer 2018 Sandal Types You Have To Have

It is here, the weather when we can wear our favorite, cute, sexy… you pick the description that fits you the best, SANDALS.

If there were no diamonds on planet earth, we would sing ”sandals are girls best friend”. Admit it when you see a good pair your heart skips a beat – that’s the case at least with most of us.

Due to the big love we women have for this footwear it is important to keep track of styles that are trendy, for our vanity sake, nothing more. Taking pride in owning trendiest pairs of sandals.

In this article i am going to show you which sandal TYPES are trendy for this spring and summer 2018, so you can mix pleasure with… well pleasure, we all love having hip items, do we not?

Block Heeled Sandals

This season we will get a chance to mix beauty and comfort, block heels are back in style girls and when picking height you can not go wrong either. Short or tall as long as the heel is wide, you are trendy.

The block heel came back to the scene with late 90’s and early 2000’s trend, some of us remember what a huge thing block heels were back in the day and we are happy to see them back.


Espadrille sandals are comfortable and versatile footwear that is low key holding its place in the fashion industry for a couple of seasons now. Their place seems to be rooted exactly because of their comfort and possibility to be designed in so many ways. Espadrille sandals can be designed in different ways that is true yet their characteristic upper side is always made of cotton or canvas fabric while the sole is characteristically made out of esparto rope, two things that make them recognizable. Espadrille sandals are perfect footwear for summer and spring.

Cross Front Sandals

The name of this style says it all, this season the flat ones are the trendiest but you can not go wrong if you pick heeled or platformed ones.

Tie Around Leg Sandals 

Same as with Cross Front Sandals the name explains the style. These sandals are the ones that you literally tie around your leg.


If you taught that sliders will be left in 2017 you were wrong. Sliders are going strong this season just like the last one. Slider sandals once upon a time were not considered footwear you would wear on an outing, they were reserved for wearing around the house, then in 2017, some fashionistas decided that comfort comes before aesthetics and started wearing them to even fanciest occasions (looking at you, Rihanna). A positive thing about them being so trendy last year is that designers had time to find the right designs for them to make them look less… well like house footwear and more like…well appropriate for wearing outside the comforts of your home.

Flat Platforms

If you need height yet you prefer comfort, fret no more this season is having a solution for you. Yes, i intentionally sounded like a commercial. Either way, flat yet platformed sandals are definitively a thing this season.


Barely There

If you are wondering what to wear for more formal occasions, this season barely there sandals are the thing. Few simple straps are enough to make you a style queen for the evening.


There you have it my loves, you see that the spring and summer this year are going to be quite interesting from footwear standpoint.


Written by: Milica Dje.

Photos from: Asos

Photos edited by:  Milica Dje.

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