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Here is some great advice and tips that will come in very handy when you want to have a good laugh. These are some of the funniest and useless, yet awesome advises that you can get to solve some of the everyday life problems that you might have. The point is that they are not going to help you solve the problem, but they will help you laugh at it. These advises and tips are mainly compiled from the sub-reddit: /r/ShittyLifeProTips. We have also scouted various other parts of the internet to give you this awesome list:

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1. Your phone’s screen is too small. Well, you can magnify it by putting it in a glass of water 😉 Lame??? Well, hang on. We are just getting started.

2. Have you been to the moon? Well, your face can. Just take a selfie through a toilet roll tube, and show off to your friends saying, “You are on the moon.”

3. Now you know how 🙂

4. Why waste money on a new socks? Just use a permanent marker 🙂

5. Want to eat comfortably on your couch while watching TV. Well, just use your toilet seat!!!

6. You don’t want your fellow passengers invading your personal space. Here is a vest that can help.

7. Who says seat belts are useless? Do you know they can open beer bottles???  🙂

8. Simply cut the balls in half, and you can store 5 balls instead of 2. How is that for creative thinking?:)

9. You are too tired? Just fill some bean into a glove and place it on your baby’s back. They will feel loved and you can relax in peace 🙂

10. “Johnson’s No More Tangles” This is how to get your headphones untangled or prevent them from getting tangled in the first place 🙂 Just spray them real good.

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