Sneakers of 2018

With the spring that came, there also came the need to change our footwear. We are feeling more sporty, we are feeling like walking for a change and sneakers are just the right thing to pick.

Now trend for spring and summer, and in general 2018 is back to the 90s and late 80s, you can always reach for good old vintage shoes that you can find probably in a thrift shop or buy from someone online, ooor you can check out this new 2018 designs companies got out that clearly have been inspired by the before mentioned era.

Shall we start this article with one of the most famous names in sports merchandise industry, Nike?

Nike has released quite a few new designs, Such as Nike Airmax 270 which is an interesting mix of classic air max with a running shoe twist, the shape is less chunky.

Air Max 270

Puma has also released few new designs, and one that caught my attention certainly was their Slip-On Casual shoes. The design was inspired by dance culture and they do seem as the type of shoes you would be comfortable to dance in.

Puma Slip on casual shoes

If you are following Instagram fashionistas you have probably noticed one thing they all have in common (no, not the small nose, big lips, and big eyes) they all are sporting some quite expensive shoes – they are sporing Balenciaga Speed Trainer shoes. On photographs such as this, they are not lookers but believe me everyone in the fashion industry is going crazy about them.

Speed Trainers

One design that Adidas released for 2018 collection caught my attention, and that design is ultraboost laceless ltd – it seems that slip on shoes are must if we judge by some brands. Whta i like th emost about this design in particular is it’s texture of both its bottom and top.

Adidas Ultraboost Laceless


Jordans have also been creative this year and we got to see quite a number of quility designs, they managed to stay true to themselves it is worth mentioning. They have been influenced by their classics so we got AJ12 retro in all colors you can imagine, and we love it.



And i have saved for the end shoes that we can definitively say have marked 2017 and are currently leaving a mark on 2018. I am speaking of Fila Disruptor shoes! There is no chance in this world that you have not seen a sudden appearance of chunky sneaker trend, and we can all thank Fila for it, a prime example of mixing futuristic with retro design. Fila Disruptor is Range Rovers of sneaker, and we love, love, love them. Everyone who is in the fashion industry has been seen sporting them. We have seen that they do not have to be exclusively worn with sporty style, our favorite fashion bloggers, celebrities and models have dared style them with everything, better said anything and strangely it WORKED.


Model Bela Hadid is known for her hectic style and immense love for good sneakers

Fila Disruptor has proven that they are not limited solely to sport style


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