Smart Cycling Outfit Hacks

Morning commutes to work can be pretty boring, especially if you don’t have a car or prefer not to use it during rush hour. Public transport, in fact, can be packed during these times and, besides the boredom of the commute itself, you really can’t stand people rubbing their armpits on your head.

So, to escape the hectic public transportation commute, have you ever thought about biking? Yes, many people do choose to cycle to work or school and this not only saves them from the commute boredom, but it also allows them to exercise on their way to work.

The main issue that seems to stop people from biking is the fact that you inevitably sweat and starting the working day in sweaty clothes is not ideal. To help you figure out how to overcome this problem and start enjoying a different commute we have put together a short list of tips for smart cycling clothes just for you!

The right clothing is something produced in such materials as nylon, which allows the correct evaporation of sweat, preventing you from having wet or smelly clothes.

These kinds of materials are especially useful if you’re willing to bring a change of clothes that you can comfortably wear without the need to take a shower first. The only con about nylon-made professional clothes is the fact that they don’t look as casual as everyday clothes, making you look awkward while cycling to work through the city.

The best way to avoid looking ridiculous with your nylon clothes is to wear them as the first layer of your outfit. This will not only prevent people from seeing them under your clothes, but it will also avoid that your body sweat comes in direct contact with your garments.

During the Winter you might want to avoid materials that won’t make your skin breath, choose instead transpiring materials, like merino wool, which is at the same time breathable and warm.

Of course you won’t be able to stop your body from sweating, but what you can do is make sure to have a relaxed commute, avoiding to speed too much. This way your cycling will be an easier one, which should prevent you from sweating too much. As we said, it’s ideal to always have a change of clothes on you so that, when you get to your work place, you can take off your nylon T-shirt and wear some fresh clothes, ready to kick the day off.

What’s better than exercising during your commute? You’re doing two things at once, well done you!

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