Small Tattoo Spot Ideas To Always Keep In Mind

small tattoo ideas

When the urge to get a tattoo kicks in your browser history fills with hours and hours of endless searching of something you desire. Although you find ideal tattoo ideas, finding a spot for them is always the challenge. If you aren’t ready for a large tattoo and want to stick with something small and simple, try these classic spots for your next spontaneous venture into the tattoo parlor.


The wrist is an infamous spot for small symbols, names, or designs.

Top of the forearm is a much better placement spot than the wrist if your concern is visibility. With this spot you are able to wear a 3/4 or long sleeve shirt and be in the clear as opposed to the wrist, which is more often exposed.  

Although the hand is most intimidating as your hands are seen and used most often, small tattoos as such fit just right in a spot like this one.

The foot is known to be a painful spot for tattoos, but if you pick a design you really like, then it should be worth the pain, correct?

small tattoos

Rihanna exploded the trend of side and under-boob tattoos. This spot makes for a nice unseen spot to get something innocent . . . or risque.

*All photos from Pixabay*

*Written by: Selena Cintron*

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