Slavic Style

Most numerous people in the whole Europe are Slavs, they spread from one side of the continent to the other. All different from each other yet so much the same. One huge family with an interesting style.

Slavic Style

Slavic fashion models are creme de la creme of fashion industry, known for their slender built and angelic faces, but they are not the only contribution to the fashion world as fashion designers such as Roksanda Ilincic, Leva Zu, Anna K and so many more have contributed so much to the industry with their beautiful and innovative designs.

Slavs are a diverse group of people but in essence so much the same. Whichever Slavic country you go you are sure to see women who enjoy glamours clothes, they follow trends and enjoy fine fabric and textiles.

Indeed glamour is one thing all Slavs enjoy. They like rich colors, fur, crystals, leather and they shamelessly dare to wear it all together – and on them, it darn looks so good.

Tight, sexy clothes are a must for a Slavic Style. Slavic women know they are one of the most beautiful in the world and they are not shy of showing the world what nature blessed them with.

Bodycon dresses are probably something every Slavic woman owns, just like tights, skinny jeans and anything that hugs the body in all the right places. They enjoy makeup and playing with their hair, so you can see Slavic women with various styles when it comes to that. Long hair and youthful ”healthy looking” makeup is probably the base for all their looks.

Another thing Slavic Style is known for is enjoyment in all things sporty. One thing Slavs in general, both male and female are stereotypically known for is their love for Adidas and Nike and well anything similar. When it comes to females and this enjoyment in sports clothes does not mean they get to look less sexy of course as they always find a way to mix and match and get what they wish.

Slavs have learned to make the most out of the least and that is characteristic of their style. They teach us that you do not have to wear most expensive clothes to look expensive, even though if the opportunity is given Slavs will pick the most expensive of course.

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