Simple and Effective Do’s and Don’ts For a Healthy Spine…

When we talk about good health not many of us think of a healthy spine or a good posture. It is always about the right exercises, eating right, good sleep, avoiding drugs and alcohols, etc. It is a mistake we have to stop doing it right now. Healthy posture and a healthy spine are as important as the right food and right exercises. It is high unlikely that you are going to be physically fit with a bad posture.

Good posture and a healthy spine are in fact necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. Good posture ensures that bones are aligned properly resulting in a strong back. It also ensures that ligaments, joints, and muscles work as they were intended to. Right posture also ensures the right position of vital organs and their functioning at optimum efficiency.

Ignoring your posture means you have an unhealthy spine which can have, both, short-term and long-term consequences, including the improper functioning of many bodily systems such as muscles, breathing, elimination, digestion, and joints. A poor posture also means that you are constantly feeling tired and exhausted. It negatively affects your mobility and efficiency.

The following video highlights simple changes that we can make in our daily life for a healthy spine:

H/T: Kansas Chiropractic Foundation, Muscle & Fitness, Bright Side

Photo Credits: Micheal Gleiber, MD

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