6 Simple and DIY Ways to Get Beautiful Eyes

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Ways to Look After Your Eyes and Retaining Their Natural Beauty

There are many simple ways to looking after your eyes and ensuring that radiant and beautiful. Following are some of the simple ways that you can do right at your home:


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The easiest, cheapest and most commonly used remedy for eye problems is cucumber. Cucumbers are effective against many eye problems including dark circles, red eyes and puffy eyes. The skin lightening properties of cucumber and high moisture in it is what makes it highly effective against eye problems. The best way to use cucumber against eye problems is to refrigerate them and the cut thick slices of it, and place it on the eyes for 15 minutes. This will not only relax your eyes, but also cure dark circles. Use this on a daily basis to see fast results. Be assured that you will have beautiful and pretty eyes with time if you do this regularly.

Eye-Friendly Foods


Like the rest of our body, our eyes also need many essential vitamins and minerals. The deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals results in dark circles, reduced vision and puffy eyes. Vitamin A helps having the perfect vision. Vitamin K is essential to avoid and cure puffy eyes and dark circles. Some foods that are good for the eyes are fresh vegetables and fruits, egg, fish and milk as they nourish the eyes. Water is also very important as they provide the necessary moisture to the eye. A healthy diet, like to any other part of the body, is necessary to have to glowing and beautiful eyes. Also, stay away from dehydrating fluids such as alcohol, tea and coffee.

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