Shoes Trends: Feathers For All

Flirty and extravagant, feathers have always made ladies go crazy because, let’s face it, everyone wants to feel like a vamp at least once.

We have all been looking up to those stunning actresses wearing pink ropes, turbans and fathered shoes and, now that they’re finally trending, it’s time to get our hands on a pair of feathered-heels.

Revisited and reinterpreted by so many brands, it’s hard to choose the best fit and, based on your style and preferences, you get to pick whether you want just a little hint to feathers or a full shoe made of soft, pink plumes.

Fashion is about taking risks and making bold choices so sit back, enjoy the pictures we have chosen just for you and, if you find any shoes that you really like, get your hands on a pair and star-struck people in the streets with your new “femme-fatale” look.

To help you make your mind around this and find the perfect fit for you, we have selected some of the best models on the market; from dizzy heels to comfortable flat shoes, the imperative seems to be just one: have fun!

ROGER VIVIER, “Sin” heeled sandal

MIU MIU, flat ballerina shoes

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, slippers-sabot

AQUAZZURA, Suede heeled sandal

JIMMY CHOO, Satin heeled sandal


(Image Credit: Grazia)

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