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8th March, the day when we women can proudly raise our eyes to the sky and thank thousands of women who fought bravely for the rights of women to be equal members of society to men.

She Simply celebrates this day together with all of you, and I can proudly present to you the items from our store every brave, capable woman should own!


This lovely sunnies are strong, big and powerful – in the world of conventional fashion they would be classified as ”male” sunglasses, but not on our watch, not today. Futuristic looking they can look great with simple outfit combinations. Perfect for spring and summer.


We women without any doubt do love our bags. Stereotypically designers try to give us the most polished and fancy looking ones, and we do like those, but from time to time rough, manly designs appeal to us aswell. This Men’s vintage Bag will look perfect with wichever style you pick. No, really.




Females should not be embarrassed to love feminine clothes either! Fashion items that show the shape of your body can be huge confidence boosters, therefore we shall not give up on them when we wish to show the world our power.


This lovely dress is super trendy, puts the accent on all the right places, is fun and practical – stop me now i can go all night like this. This dress is worthy of our attention ladies. If you wish to look playful, yet sexy at the same time, this fun metallic fish dress it the right for you!


This were 3 selected high-quality items from our shop . This are items we can proudly say any woman can wear. All women can wear. So what are you waiting for? Don’t expect men to understand our fashion needs, go buy them for yourself now. You can not make mistake.

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